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To provide our membership a venue for clinical support, continuing education, case consultation, research protocols, collaboration, networking and advocacy to enhance the quality care of our clients.  In addition, we endeavor to promote public education about the nature and efficacy of biofeedback treatment and advocate for improved coverage of biofeedback services.



The Hawaii Biofeedback Association (HBA) was established in 2013 to serve as a non-profit, networking and educational entity for health care and education professionals who utilize biofeedback in clinical and educational settings and/or are interested in the development of biofeedback research and treatment protocols.  


Our Association

We are an inclusive association whose members use biofeedback modalities in their practice/ research/ education setting to capture physiological parameters such as brainwave, breathing, heart rate, muscle tension, sweat gland, and temperature to assist clients to self-regulate one or more of these physiological measures to improve overall functioning.